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Knowledge is the Institute's prime resource, and in our employees we have gathered a wide range of experience and expertise. The Institute's work is based on interdisciplinary co-operation between employees of widely different backgrounds - from economy and political science to biology, intellectual history and ethnology.

The employees can be divided into the following categories:

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Kjeldsen, Claus


Saunders, Jeffrey Scott

Director (Future Work and Workplace. Workplace Strategy. Management. Security. Environment & Energy)

Beck, Carsten 

Director (Environment & Ecology. Books and Media. Scenarios. Sector analysis. The Political Market Place and the Political Consumer)

Grønborg, Morten

Director (Media & Content) and Editor-in-Chief, SCENARIO Magazine




Scientific Staff

Ramstad, Finn

Finance Director

Kruse, Martin

Futurist: Trend movements, innovation, creativity, energy and climate change

Mogensen, Klaus Æ.

Futurist: Counterculture. Creative Man. Technology and society. Future consumers and future advertisement. Media and IPR.

Dencker Bædkel, Anne

Futurist:  work-life balance, future of work, generations (xyz), Consumer culture

Snell, Tamira

Futurist & Senior Consultant: Consumers and behaviour, lifestyles and life stages, education and work-life

Jonasson, Lasse

Futurist & Senior Executive Advisor: Economics, Fin-tech, innovation, Risk Management

Ærtebjerg, Sysser

Senior Executive & Head of Memberships

Hatzack, Frank-Andreas

PhD & Senior Executive Advisor

Østergaard, Simon Fuglsang 

Futurist & Consultant

Larsen, Nicklas

Futurist & Consultant

Lind, Manya

Research Analyst

Brown, Kyle

Research Analyst

Petersen, Casper Skovgaard

Editorial Manager 

Laage-Thomsen, Jakob

Research Assistant 

Thorsen, Sofie

Research Assistant

Skou-Olesen, Camilla

Research Assistant

Lindeburg, Emilie

Research Assistant 

Christiansen, Sarah Wind

Research Assistant & Intern

Hoefnagels, James

Research Assistant & Intern

Thursfield, James

Research Assistant & Intern

Mortensen, Jeanette Kæseler 

Research Assistant & Intern

Krijnen, Caroline

Research Assistant & Intern

Zavialova, Sofia

Research Assistant & Intern



Eliasen, Bogi

 Associated Partner

Jensen, Henrik

Associated Partner

Baker, Edmonia

Associated Partner

Geuken, Thomas

Narrative leadership. Storytelling. Manager Training. Organization Development

Bjerre, Anders

Associated Partner. EuroConstruct Contact.

Hartmann-Bossen, Rikke

Associated Partner

K. Pedersen, Katrine

Associated Partner

Krøjgaard, Niels

Creativity Coach

Clausen, Rolf Ask

Associated Partner

Paludan, Johan Peter

Scenarios. Education & Qualifications. Presentations. Labour Market.

Bo Hansen, Peter

Head, CIFS Chile

Capaccio, Jorgelina

Head, CIFS Argentina

Bernardi, Jorge

Special Consultant, CIFS Argentina: Technology & Innovation

Kronstrøm, Peter

Head, CIFS Brazil

Rhode, Jesper

Associated Partner, CIFS Brazil

Ferrari, Flavio

Executive Advisor Future Strategy & Innovation, CIFS Brazil

Nascimento, Marcelo

Associate, CIFS Brazil

Rendeiro, Fatima

 Associate, CIFS Brazil

de Castro, Vinicius

Associate, CIFS Brazil  

Salonen, Outi 

Head, CIFS Finland

Kesa, Mikko

Associate, CIFS Finland

Riis, Søren

Technology assesment, Innovation, Creativity, Education and Ethics

Saloff-Coste, Michel

Change catalyst, vanguard artist, business advisor, integral and global futurist

Svendsen, Adam

Intelligence & defense strategy. Peace & security Studies



Futurologists work differently from their colleagues in traditional social research. They undertake research into something that hasn't yet come into existence and their results will often contribute to change. As in other fields of research, studies of the future often set off from statistics, which are evaluated in the light of international trends and a number of emotional factors that may be of importance to the future.

On top of traditional analysis, the research team add their ability to think creatively and intuitively. Futurologists think the unthinkable.

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