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Bogi Eliasen

Bogi is an associated partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. He comes from the Faroe Islands and is educated in Political Science from the University of Aarhus. He has been employed in the Faroe Business Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked as a consultant over the last ten years for politicians, the public sector and private companies. He calls himself a knowledge broker whose expertise lies in combining various fields of knowledge.

Bogi has participated in many North Atlantic / Arctic projects and also has a deep knowledge of Latin America, particularly Peru and Brazil, where he has lived for two years.

Since 2009, Bogi has been the project manager for the ambitious genome project FarGen, which aims at whole genome sequencing the entire population of the Faroe Islands in order to research and develop opportunities in genetics. In FarGen Bogi has helped build a broad international cooperation with the leading players in the field. In the international genetic world Bogi is known for his strong network, his ability to communicate complex issues and for promoting FarGen: the need to have a holistic approach to genomics in order to make it usable in future healthcare.

Bogi is a skilled communicator who makes presentations to all audiences.

Among other things, Bogi speaks about:

The genetic revolution in a societal perspective

Genetics gives us new knowledge about biological relationships, and through genetics, we can better understand health and sickness. However, the uses of genetics also create new challenges for society: Ethical issues, ownership, business opportunities. This talk gives a cross section of the current state of genetics and an idea of how genetics will develop to become an integrated part of our society.

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The business of genetics

Health expenses in the developed countries have grown explosively in an age when the citizen demands constantly improved health service. In addition, the population grows older. This calls for original thinking to solve the challenges. Genetic knowledge will be one of the focal points for a paradigm shift in a health vision that focuses on preventive measures and personalized health. The talk provides insight into the world of genetics and an idea of how it will evolve and what business areas and actors that will take part in solving the challenges.

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Bogi Eliasen

Master of Science in Political Science
Associated Partner, Copenhagen

Telephone: +45 3311 7176
E-mail: be@cifs.dk


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