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Simon Fuglsang Østergaard

Simon Fuglsang Østergaard is a consultant and futurist at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Simon has three years of experience in consulting from Danish Technological Institute which has given him solid experience in policy analysis with the purpose of creating new knowledge and insights for policy and strategic decision-making. Simon has worked with both national and international public and private clients, including ministries, agencies, the EU Commission, organisations and private companies.

Simon primarily focuses on the fields of education, labor markets and business development – nationally as well as internationally. Among other things, he has worked with, how technological advancement and increased automation affects labor markets and competence needs of the future. Simon also has a keen interest in how private companies can contribute to sustainable development in the developing countries of the world.

Simon has broad experience with quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and understand how to construct the optimal methodological design for individual projects.



·         Shapiro, Østergaard & Hougaard (2015) ‘Does the EU need more STEM graduates?’

Simon Fuglsang Østergaard

Futurist & Consultant
International Economic Consulting (cand.merc.iec)

Cellular: +45 31 26 83 26
E-mail: sio@cifs.dk


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