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New report: Harnessing European Labour Mobility

Harnessing European Labour Mobility

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies has for the German think tank Bertelsmann Stiftung worked on the project Harnessing European Labour Mobility, and the results was just launched in new report in Brussels.

The free movement of workers, while being one of the EUs key success stories, remains the topic of heated debates. The project Harnessing European Labour Mobility aims to re-orientate the debate about free movement to the essential question: What can the European Union and individual Member States do in order to facilitate intra-EU labour mobility and maximize its potential for growth and employment?

The Institute has among other things contributed with workshop facilitation and scenario analysis for the project.

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Future Technology

Future Technology - Members' Report 2/2014

Technological progress is one of the most important drivers of change and growth in our society.

This report takes a closer look at technological advances coming in the next 25 years in information and communication technology, robots, advanced materials, and biotechnology, and the reports examines how these advances will influence the following selected sectors in our society: production and trade, consumption and service, energy and climate, infrastructure, and security.

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SCENARIO 02:2014


A range of fixed patterns in society shape developments and create the future.

This is the message from philosopher Lene Andersen, who has charted no less than 17 megapatterns. In this issue of SCENARIO she tells us about how these patterns combine to shape and evolve our civilisation, which is approaching adulthood, and how the whole world is connected from micro to macro. Her collected work constitutes a study of civilisation.

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