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NEW / Global Scanning Review 1/2015

Global Scanning Review Issue 1/2015

CIFS is happy to introduce the Global Scanning Review - a new, exclusive bi-monthly digital publication for members. This issue looks at the quantifiable liveable city, urban happiness meters, semantic intelligence, the personal data free market, the reciprocity advantage, the new financial literacy, inspiration corridors, hotel retail, web 3.0, big data and the creation of food, the age of loneliness and much more.

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New report: SCENARIO 01:2015 - THE SPACE ISSUE


In this issue’s main article, we explore humanity’s future in space as envisioned by the people behind the Mars One Project - a bold endeavour with the end goal of establishing a permanent settlement on the red planet. Mars One’s technical ambition has been the object of both praise and criticism but in this article, we examine the human side. What does it mean to leave home for good?... Other topics and articles in this issue: Democratic rebellion / Time capsules / Wildcard: A new financial crisis? / 21st century lifestyles / Inequality / Virilio / The integral accident / Fusion power / Ken Hermann: Crash landed / Copyright vs. copywrong / Swatch internet time / Techtalk / Driving forces / Ideas, visions, trends and much more...

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New report: Trends for tomorrow

Trends for tomorrow=

Trends are important since they bolster our understanding of the complexity that surrounds us and are helpful in guiding our descision-making by identifying emerging opportunities and threats. CIFS has identified a selection of eight diverse trends which we expect to have significant implications for governments and business alike. They all represent a general, observed change in society linked to individual empowerment, technological development, and, not least, demographic change and sustainability.

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White book ISS 2020 Vision: Future of Public Sector Outsourcing

white book ISS 2020 Vision: Future of Public Sector Outsourcing

Created in close collaboration with ISS, the new white book ISS 2020 Vision: Future of Public Sector Outsourcing addresses how the public sector can maintain a high level of welfare services to an aging population with more individual demands – at lower costs.

The future challenges of the public sector will be related to asset management and optimization of the infrastructure and services within that entity. There are more things today that can be considered Facility Management than ever before, offering unparalleled opportunities for establishing new collaborative models. Tomorrows Facility Management solutions will no longer be limited to servicing buildings and infrastructure. Rather, Facility Management will be required to play an increasingly important and integral role in enabling the free flow of information, people, and objects, while creating a high quality experience for citizens.

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New report: 21st century lifestyles

21st century lifestyles

21st century lifestyles create new consumer segments

What is the new normal for how we grow up, live and grow old? This report looks at the statistical changes we observe in Europeans’ phases of life and ways of living over the last ca. 60 years. A lot has changed, and we keep finding new ways to renew the nuclear family or entirely dispense of the nuclear family. The report reflects on the market consequences that follow the change in lifestyles in the 21st century.

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New initiative: "BIG FUTURE 2025 – business with sustainable growth"

SydEnergi, headed by Niels Duedahl, has initiated in collaboration with Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, a think tank with the name “BIG FUTURE 2025 – business with sustainable growth. The initiative, consisting of a vision study and an independent Advisory Board, will focus on how companies strategically and tactically prepare as best they can for a future where economic growth e.g. needs to walk hand in hand with sustainability in climate and resources. Several weighty business profiles have accepted becoming part of the initiative, including Ditlev Engel, who will head the Advisory Board.

BIG FUTURE is an independent vision study that will be facilitated by Senior Futurist Carsten Beck from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, and he points out: “No matter what we do, there are a range of megatrends and tendencies that the Danish business community needs to consider. However, the potential is vast, and hence growth will follow the ones who most rapidly are able to adapt their companies to the new market opportunities.

The BIG FUTURE study, which will run the next 12 months, consists of workshops, interviews, a growth seminar and conference, and advisory board meetings. The study will culminate in a comprehensive report with a management presentation that can be used strategically and inspire more Danish companies to create sustainable growth.

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New report: Harnessing European Labour Mobility

Harnessing European Labour Mobility

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies has for the German think tank Bertelsmann Stiftung worked on the project Harnessing European Labour Mobility, and the results was just launched in new report in Brussels.

The free movement of workers, while being one of the EU’s key success stories, remains the topic of heated debates. The project Harnessing European Labour Mobility aims to re-orientate the debate about free movement to the essential question: What can the European Union and individual Member States do in order to facilitate intra-EU labour mobility and maximize its potential for growth and employment?

The Institute has among other things contributed with workshop facilitation and scenario analysis for the project.

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Future Technology

Future Technology - Members' Report 2/2014

Technological progress is one of the most important drivers of change and growth in our society.

This report takes a closer look at technological advances coming in the next 25 years in information and communication technology, robots, advanced materials, and biotechnology, and the reports examines how these advances will influence the following selected sectors in our society: production and trade, consumption and service, energy and climate, infrastructure, and security.

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