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Previous Members' events

This is a list of materials from the previous CIFS Members' events. Please note that the slides and webinars are available for CIFS members only, and all materials require login.



Future Transport

Slides from event (Bruxelles. Requires login)

Webinar in English (reguires login)


The Future of Workplace Strategy

Slides from event (Copenhagen. Requires login) 

Webinar (requires login) 

Smart Society

Slides from event (Bruxelles. Requires login) 

Slides from event (Oslo, Stavanger. Requires login)

Webinar in English 

Working in the Age of Hyper-Agility

Slides from event (Brussels, Stavanger and Oslo) 

Video: Highlights from event (Copenhagen – held in English) 

Video: Full event (Copenhagen – held in English)

Webinar in English (requires login) 

Webinar in Danish (requires login) 

The Battle for Future Mindspace

Slides from event

Webinar in English

Evaluating the Hype – 3D print, Bitcoin, and Electric Cars – A Reality Check

Slides from event

Automation – The Perfect Storm or a Storm in a Tea Cup?

Slides from event


Individual Resilience – Survival Guide for the 21st Century

Slides from event


How to be Resilient in the 21st Century – The Radar, The Shield and The Sword

Slides from event


Future of Europe

Slides from event


The Overlooked Consumers

Slides from event

Slides on Winning Retail Spaces



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