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Julie K. Carton

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Julie is an associated partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. She works with trends related to the high skilled labour market, globalisation, the knowledge society, the development of human capital in the modern society and the future of work and education. She also covers a range of subjects within the area of HR such as workplace demography, future employees, Gen Y and Z, and future management challenges.

Julie is an inspiring speaker who reaches out with her messages. She is an experienced Futurist with a broad knowledge on trends that influence the future of business and society. She is widely experienced with megatrends and scenario analysis and with facilitating strategic development workshops.

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IAK, HR Managers in Denmark, PWC, Mannaz, Virke, Akademikerne, Erhvervsakademi Sydvest, Lundbeck, Novozymes, ISS, IKEA, City of Copenhagen, The Association of Danish Law Firms, Grundfoss, Univeristy of Southern Denmark, EDB Group A/S, Universum, Danish IT, Nova 100, LO, FOA TR, Danish Chamber of Commerce – Argentina


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Julie Kronstrøm Carton

Master of Communication
Futurist, Copenhagen

Telephone: +45 3311 7176
Cellular: +45 3022 7744
E-mail: juk@cifs.dk

At CIFS since 2012

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