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Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies: 
Creative Man

Creative Man contains a likely scenario for the near future and a model for explaining the behaviour of modern man, with a focus on the increasing societal and individual need for creativity.

A growing part of the labour force will be working with creativity and innovation in one way or another. In part because it is necessary for competition, but also because an increasing amount of employees will prefer it.

Creative Man is about future creative people and their impact on our society. The book explains the logic and drive behind "creative man" and analyses which consequences it will incur within areas such as future education, professions and media.

The book received a lot of attention as well as enthusiastic responses from both business people and artists, and the two first printings were quickly sold out. Originally it was only printed in Danish, but because of its popularity, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies decided to produce an English version.

Rolf Jensen: The Dream Society

What's a future of business after the Information Age? It won't be the latest technology or newest product that will provide the competitive edge. The company with the best story wins: consumers will pay for the story that sparks the imagination that reflects how we see ourselves and how we want others to se us.

What are the most important raw materials of the twenty-first century? Stories that will translate information for consumers into accessible, emotional terms!

Read more about The Dream Society here.

180,- DKr. (incl. vat)

Uffe Palludan: The Possibilities of the Sound Area Bridge

This is the book that set the agenda for the Sound Area development. This new edition contains an additional part entitled "From vision to Sound Area region?" with information on the economic potentials, cultural differences and other aspects of regional formation.

The book ends with 10 suggestions on how to boost the process of integration.

188,- DKr.
Boghandlen (Fremad Publishing)

Uffe Palludan: Firm connections across the Sound

"Firm connections across the sound" was the title of an article published by Uffe Palludan in house journal "Future Orientation" some 10 years ago - before anybody even imagined a bridge across the Sound could become real. The article spirited numerous papers dealing with the regional problematics, such as the administration, education, traffic and media in the Sound Area.

Download the Book (Danish edition, 143 pages, 329 KB)



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