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Futureorientation - 2007

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FO 6/2007: The Corporate World

Leaving the corporate world. As we know it. Many of us dream of it. Employees have been machines and resources, and now they are people. Companies have been factories, money-machines and productivity machines. In the future, they will be social and interest-based companies, because a company is human beings working together to produce something for the benefit of others than themselves.

FO 5/2007: The Home and City issue

What does the future hold for your city and home? We asked 16 people from around the world, and you can read their personal answers in this issue of FO/futureorientation. #1 Go to Sydney -- but watch out. You might end up staying here, where the weather is warm and people interact with one another. #2 Maybe you’ve never been to Bangkok, but you can read about the atmosphere in this Asiatic city. #3 Be a New Yorker for a day – Follow Dave through a routine Friday, when he has to go to work, to the barber’s and take the dog for a walk.

FO 4/2007: The leadership issue

When was the last time you heard a colleague say he or she has a great manager at work? What three traits do you think a good leader should possess? Have you spoken with your manager today? Maybe you are a manager and know that the job is one of the most demanding and that it can always be done better? If you are not a manager and want to be one, what would you do first in your present workplace? We asked these questions of people on the streets of Copenhagen. See their portraits in this FO and read what they think.

FO 3/2007: The Virtual Living issue

There is still something virginal about the virtual world. It is almost like a newborn child. In that way, we can compare the birth of the virtual world with the birth of the real world. Maybe we can say the virtual world is a collective child that only now can seriously start to develop its own identity and direction for the future. One day we will no longer talk of parallel universes, as we do today, when the virtual world still needs to be turned on, usually in the form of our Mac or PC.

FO 2/2007: The Fe(Male) Futures issue

I find myself in more and more situations where I think that I am invisible because I am a woman. But I can't play that card every time; it's a losing card that just makes me bitter. The winning card is insistence on development and change, and this includes top jobs, the work environment and every niche of business in general. The winning card is respect for differences. The winning card is the balance between masculine and feminine values and principles. The winning card is the courage to cooperate with those who do not look like you.

FO 1/2007: The Battle of the Future issue

More and different actors will try to affect the future. When it is widely recognized that we are on the threshold of a new and different society and market, the battle will grow sharper: from designers, architects and communication specialists, to companies and organizations, and to individuals. Even though most of us want to believe the future will be rosier and life easier, there are no guarantees. The battle for the future can also be a struggle driven by fear and lack of common direction.



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