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Futureorientation - 2009

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FO 4/2009: Climate

The important thing is climate changes, not the climate as such, and it is thus safe to say that the climate focus these years isn’t based on any loving relationship by the general population. Rather, the relationship is founded on fear: the fear of a future worse than the present. Fortunately there are a number of climate-friendly initiatives underway on several fronts. In this issue you can, among many other articles, read future scenarios for what we are about to see and in what way the business community can think green thoughts.

FO 3/2009: Product development

Product development is the core of our businesses and organizations – both in the short term and the long. In this issue of FO, we give you inspiration for how you can develop your products and services in a future-oriented way, and we give you examples of development projects in the private and public sector. For example, you can read about Coloplast’s user-driven innovation project, the virtual supermarket of the future and policy development.

FO 2/2009: Spirituality and mobility

Spirituality and mobility is about the world’s and our own need to evolve and move mentally. We cannot develop ourselves unless we are open, ask questions and seek new paths and answers. We have reached a point in the history of world development where we must start with our selves – within our hearts – to move to the next paradigm, the next community type and the next economy, or whatever we choose to call it.

FO 1/2009: Knowledge work

Knowledge work and the knowledge economy will increasingly focus on how we use the knowledge we already have. We know so much, and tomorrow we will know even more. Some of what we knew yesterday no longer applies tomorrow, so we can never really be sure, that we are updated. In this issue, we provide you with insights on guidelines of succesful internal communication, employee-driven innovation, the 'zone model' of project management, knowledge entrepreneurs and new tendencies for knowledge work and -competencies.



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