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Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies’ magazine was first published under the name FO - Future Orientation in 1975. In the first issue it said: ”Most people today are sucked into an ever-narrower present, and their sense of future and past times has athrophied. For this reason, we have to break through the wall into futures studies.”

FO has won several international awards during the last years and at the same time more and more people have begun to read the magazine. FO was written by futurists at CIFS, other national and international experts and future oriented personalities. Every issue had a central theme and contains 10-14 articles plus additional futures stuff online. Since fo052005 the magazine has been published in both Danish and English.

Why more and more read FO

"We're using CIFS for constructive input to control and maintain our market position, and FO is a good place for assessment on e.g. the current developmental tendencies." Nikolaj Henum, chief of communications and marketing in the human resource company Adecco.

"FO is indispensible because it delivers specialized knowledge, which you must consider in your own strategies.” Emilia van Hauen, sociologist and freelancer.

"Essentially I find it really exciting to read about the future - and FO also provides a good insight of the present. When a new issue arrives, I'll plow through it immediately. It synthesises and presents a long list of subjects at a sufficient level and I benefit a lot from the inspiration when I'm making presentations." Hans Rhode, attorney at Lademann's.

"The advantage of FO is the ability to profit personally as well as professionally. I always find it exciting when I'm challenged, and I'm personally looking for a lot of inspiration and alternative angles on current subjects. FO is fun to read and a nice-looking magazine too, and its visual expressions have also inspired me in my job." Pia Wendelbo-Madsen, Nordea Finans.

Awards for FO

FO has received two awards for best graphical design by the respected Communication Arts magazine in 2006. In 2003, FO was awarded 2nd place for the best advertisement by the Association of the Danish Specialized Press - a trade organisation covering 340 different Danish periodicals, trade papers and specialized magazines.

On 30 May 2008, FO/futureorientation was given the prestigious Anders Bording Award 2008 in the category "graphic design". Their reason: "For adding aesthetic value to the magazine by using tailor-made illustrations, challenging and thought-provoking series of photos and graphic elements." (The Anders Bording Award is an award of honour given by the Association of the Danish Specialized Press.)

In 2008 FO was submitted to the European design award EDWARDS.




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