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Wrestleworld - SCENARIO 04:2017

Wrestlers are emotion inducers in a theatre of violence; a form of body populists. When they succeed, they make you suspend your disbelief and make your emotions stronger than your rationality. With a basis in the coverage of a live wrestling event, this issue’s main article asks the question: Are we heading towards a state of society where the value of actions is primarily measured by the emotional effect they can produce?
Other topics and articles in this issue: Sham Science on the Rise / Wildcard: A Closed Internet / The Medical Gutenberg Moment / Bitcoin: Evaluating the Hype / When Humans Become Machines / Is Our Biological Clock About to Expire? / VR and Lucid Dreaming / Photo Series: What Sort of Life is This by Albert Elm / 4chan / Futures Past: The Radiofax / News About Technology and Science / Blogs, Books, Podcasts / Tech / Trends / Ideas, Visions and more…

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