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Resilience at Roskilde Festival 2016

Disruptions and stress testing in practice – Working with a dynamic organisation and thinking ahead

Come backstage, get inspiration, the latest knowledge and a unique learning experience with Roskilde Festival, Novozymes and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Friday, July 1st at 9:00 to 17:00 at Roskilde Festival, you (and your colleagues) get unique insights into the resilient and dynamic Roskilde Festival. You get a solid and professional day of presentations, networking, partner meetings and discussions – focusing on specific tools for the resilient organisation of the future.

The case – Roskilde Festival: Each year, the festival invents, innovates and experiments with the development of the temporary city that is Denmark's 4th largest city. Built from scratch, Roskilde as a city is also facing challenges that range from waste management, sanitation, food waste, climate adaptation and energy, transport and infrastructure for social engagement and cultural content for more than 130,000 inhabitants.


CIFS Presents:
"Resilience at Roskilde Festival 2016'"
July 1st 2016


What's Included?

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Further Information

Please contact the event coordinators:

Nicklas Larsen, CIFS

   +45 3311 7176

Anne Dencker Bædkel, CIFS

   +45 3311 7176


Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (Instituttet for Fremtidsforskning)


Roskilde Festival


Roskilde Festival


July 1st, 2016 (09:00-17:00)


Full Program (with dinner): 2905DKK excl. VAT

Full Program (without dinner): 2405DKK excl. VAT

CIFS Member Discount: 15%



*Snacks, lunch, and drinks included.



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