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Transhumanism – SCENARIO 05:2017

Within 50 years, British gerontologist Aubrey de Grey believes we will have biomedical therapies capable of prolonging life indefinitely. The only barrier against this major breakthrough, he says, is if we lock ourselves into a so-called ‘pro-ageing trance’, where we accept ageing as a natural part of life. Read the interview with Aubrey de Grey in this issue’s main article. 

Other themes and articles in this issue: What Six Million Years of Human Evolution Can Tell Us About the Future / Alvar Aalto’s Skate Pool / Evaluating the Hype: Electric Cars / The Uncanny Valley of the Mind / Company Towns are Back! News About Technology and Science / Futures Past: The Whale Farm / Magazines, Books, Podcasts / Behaviour / Tech / Trends / Ideas, Visions, Possible Futures and much more... 

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