The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is an internationally oriented organisation with employees and associated partners from many areas of the world. Our employees collectively possess a wide range of educational backgrounds including astrophysics, biochemistry, literature, history, theology, sociology, political science, business studies, and economics.

Our work is based on the active and practical application of futures studies. Our employees have developed this skillset on top of their specialised, academic training. With this, all our employees possess wide societal and future-oriented awareness in addition to deep, specialised knowledge within their own fields.

ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE — Claus Kjeldsen resigns as CEO

Claus Kjeldsen resigns after 6 years as CEO of CIFS. The board of directors would like to express their gratitude for the vital role Claus has played in the very positive development CIFS has gone through during his leadership. Claus wishes his former colleagues all the best of luck guiding a strong CIFS into its 50th anniversary year. Dasha Krivonos has been appointed as Interim CEO.



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We are a leading global advisory firm in the use of futurist methods developed to solve strategic organisational challenges. Our clients include some of the world’s largest organisations.


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The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) is a self-owned membership organisation. The member circle consists of future-oriented organisations and institutions.