Aron Szpisjak

Aron Szpisjak is a futurist with a background in public administration and politics and a key interest in preventive health, precision medicine, and the data that will enable them to become a reality.

At CIFS, Aron focuses on the future of health in the Nordics and beyond. Recently, he took part in facilitation of the Nordic Health 2030 process, which gathered over 30 decision makers from across the Nordics to discuss health data collaboration. Further, Aron served as an editor on the final report on the process: the Nordic Health 2030 Magazine, published in October of 2019 by CIFS.

Aron has worked with both national and international stakeholders, as well as clients from both public and private organisations within – among other areas – the fields of health data, genomics. In addition, he worked with Eastern European partners in providing better personalised health services in the region.

Research Highlights

Aron took part in the Nordic Health 2030 process, which had the aim of initiating a long-term programme to generate synergies and develop greater reciprocal cooperation between key stakeholders in the Nordic countries. The process focused on health data collaboration across the Nordics as well as exploring what a sustainable health system could look like.

As a follow-up, the Nordic Health 2030 Magazine highlights the role of creating synergies between individuals and systems to create a truly preventive and sustainable healthcare system in the Nordics. The publication is available on the CIFS website from October 2019.

Education and career

MSc in International Public Administration and Politics from Roskilde University

Aron began working at the Institute in 2019 as an intern for a few months and was afterwards hired as a full-time employee. He helps organisations broaden their mindsets about how the future of health could look in the Nordics.


Aron has an international mindset as was born in Hungary but also lived three years abroad during his childhood in the United States. After graduating from high school, he took the initiative to try himself out in another foreign country, Denmark, and has successfully graduated from university and has lived permanently in Copenhagen since 2012.

Contact details

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