Carsten Beck is a futurist and has worked at CIFS since 1990. Carsten is one of Denmark’s most-used speakers and futurists, with a passion for and focus on making megatrends and scenarios concrete and useful for all types of organisations. Carsten has worked with a diverse selection of organisational types and industries, including retail trade, the financial sector, telco, medicinal, municipalities, ministries, international organisations, and NGOs. Carsten has worked with scenarios and megatrends for companies and organisations in 30+ countries.


Carsten Beck has done more than 1,000 presentations in his career. He strives to combine serious, factual conditions with zeal, fervor, and enthusiasm about the future. In addition, Carsten is responsible for CIFS’s talks and presentations, and he will always be able to help you find the right speaker among CIFS’s many experts.

Current talks

  • Megatrends in the retail trade
  • Future work life and work processes
  • The energy sector of the future
  • Passive and active consumers in the future

All talks are tailored to the concrete customer and event.

Bonus info: Getting the 'orange feeling'

Over the last 20 years, Carsten has worked closely with Roskilde Festival, where he has invited management in Danish and international businesses to experience how people can become inspired to work with the future.

Bonus info: The question most often asked of Carsten Beck

After working most of his life at CIFS, Carsten Beck is one of the people who most often is asked: Do your predictions generally come true or not? It is an excellent question, since it provides the opportunity to explain how futures studies can help companies and organisations and what lies outside of the realm of futures studies. It allows him to tell about how scenario processes have helped prepare companies for major changes in markets and society – and also to tell the anecdote about how Carsten Beck in 2013 stood with one of Europe’s greatest packaging producers five hours before the European Song Contest was held in Malmoe and talked Denmark’s chances for winning all the way down in the ground. That year, Denmark won.

Education and career

Carsten has a master’s degree in political science from Copenhagen University.

Carsten has worked at CIFS since 1990. He has been responsible for the Institute’s member events and today oversees talks and presentations.


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