Klaus Æ. Mogensen has worked as a futurist at CIFS since 2001, rising to the position of senior futurist. He specialises in future technology and how it will change work, leisure, and society in general. He has been science editor and science writer for the award-winning Scenario Magazine since its inauguration in 2010 and has done numerous talks about future-oriented issues. He has co-written two books for CIFS, Creative Man (Gyldendal, 2004) and Modkultur – fra undergrund til bundlinje (Gyldendal, 2011).

Klaus has a degree in physics & astronomy from Copenhagen University, studying among other fields quantum physics, special relativity, stellar evolution, cosmology, and basic computer science. Since joining CIFS, he has kept himself updated on the latest research in a wide range of fields in science and technology, including nanotechnology, computer science, robotics, biotechnology, materials science, and neuroscience. He has a critical and analytical approach to science news, evaluating what has near-future applications, what has long-term applications, and what is pure hype, often diving deeply into a single subject in preparation for writing reports and articles.

Klaus is regularly interviewed for Danish television and radio about various future-oriented subjects or to comment on news that point towards future changes in society.


Klaus is an experienced and entertaining speaker with several hundred professional presentations under his belt. He has presented at conferences all over Europe as well as in Brazil and Russia.

Klaus presents in Danish and English at native tongue level.


  • Automation and work
  • The future of transport
  • Supercomputers, distributed computing, and quantum computers
  • 21st century media

All talks are tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the client.


Klaus co-wrote and co-presented a report for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate about supercomputers, distributed computing, and quantum computers and their potential application in RDI.

Klaus has authored and co-authored numerous members’ reports for CIFS, including most recently:

  • Crumbling Pillars of Modern Society, 2019
  • Transformation of Trust, 2018
  • Future Transport, 2018
  • Smart Society, 2017
  • Working in the Age of Hyper-Agility, 2017
  • Evaluating the Hype, 2016
  • Individual Resilience, 2016
  • Automation, 2016
  • Trust me, I'm not a doctor, 2015
  • Future Technology, 2014


BS in Astronomy & Physics from the University of Copenhagen.

At CIFS since 2001.

Work experience before joining CIFS:

  • 1997-2000: Freelance writer and translator


Klaus has a deep interest in fantastic literature (science fiction, fantasy, and related genres) and has written countless articles and reviews related to this interest. He is the editor of the Danish magazine for the fantastic genres, Himmelskibet, and he has spoken at many national and international conventions about the fantastic. He has written one science fiction novel and numerous short stories, of which a few have been translated into English and other languages.

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