Nicklas Larsen is a futurist and the Head of Membership Service at CIFS. He specialises in the intersections of technology, consumer behaviour, health and media with a solid commercial background within marketing and PR.

Through his work with applied strategic foresight and strategy, innovation and risk management processes Nicklas helps organisations to stay ahead by identifying uncertainties and reducing complexity. He is skilled in navigating high volumes of information and synthesizing it into clear, structured analysis and output to support decision-making. He is adept at conceptualizing, planning, and executing workshops and conferences to develop and present new and innovative content for diverse audiences and facilitate knowledge sharing.

Nicklas is recognised as a skillful analyst and salesman and execution is his forte. He possesses vast knowledge about business environments and a go-getter attitude with aspirations to build the future by driving transformations and thought leadership.

As the Head of Membership Services Nicklas also oversees CIFS international members’ portfolio, events and launches of Members’ Reports.

Additionally, Nicklas has been part of building, recruiting and mentoring CIFS global network of informants in the Global Scanning Network which aims to collect and evaluate a wide range of signals and early indicators in the CIFS research database.


Nicklas understands how to communicate complex topics in a lively and inspiring manner and can contextualise potential future developments in a broader context. Presentations are always tailored to the specific purpose and needs of the client.

Nicklas presents fluently in Danish and English.


Nicklas Larsen is the project manager in CIFS' Future of Health department which is currently developing the "New Nordic Health Manifesto" in cooperation with a wide range of public and private organisations across the Nordic countries. The project aims to set the agenda for sustainable health in the future.

Nicklas co-authored the Members' Reports "Understanding The Future Consumer" (2018) and "Battle for Future Mindspace" (2017) and has participated in the writing of several other reports, including the series of Resilience reports (2016), "Automation" (2016), "the Future of Health – Changing healthcare with new technology"  (2015). He has presented the main findings at multiple CIFS’ Members events and conferences across Europe.


  • 2016: Master of Science in International Business and Marketing from University of Southern Denmark

  • 2015: Entrepreneurship & international relations studies at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 2014: First Class Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Administration and strategy from De Montfort University.

Work experience:

  • 2018: Senior advisor & Head of Membership Service, CIFS

  • 2016-2018: Advisor, CIFS

  • 2014-2016: Research assistant, CIFS

Before joining CIFS Nicklas worked with co-branding contracts and developing creative concepts with artists and brand managers. Prior to that he served at a full-service telemarketing agency working with canvas sales, sales management, campaign development and testing. He lead CRM and the quality department where he trained employees in products and sales techniques (+200). He had a key role in the transition of a DKK 300 million acquisition by TDC.


Nicklas has lived in Kuala Lumpur, he loves climbing mountains and firmly believes science-fiction can redefine our fixed conceptions about the future. He is obsessed with space and dreams of going in orbit.

Nicklas is invited to the First International Symposium of UNESCO Chairs in Anticipatory Systems, Futures Studies and Futures Literacy. The event takes place in Italy, with UNESCO Chairs from all over the world.


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