The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) works with a global client and member base that we advise on a strategic level. Our clients and members include some of the world’s largest corporations and organisations.

We are a leading global advisory firm in the use of futurist methods developed to solve strategic organisational challenges. Our core services include megatrends analyses, scenario planning, risk analyses, innovation processes, and strategic development.

Our methods are tailored to meet your specific challenges and needs, which we will match with our specialist knowledge developed through decades of experience. A collaboration with us will strengthen your ability to navigate in the future as well as your capacity to shape it.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies works exploratively and independently of special interests. This ensures your organisation a dynamic, applicable, and unbiased approach delivering a result that builds on a 360-degree view of the future.

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Megatrends are long-term trends that influence societies globally. When developing a solid and successful strategy or scenario process, it is essential to identify the megatrends influencing the future of your organisation and to be prepared for their effects. Megatrends are central to scenario planning.

With scenario planning, we map the possible futures that your organisation should be prepared to navigate. We do this with a basis in the central uncertainties facing your organisation. Scenarios define your organisation’s future environment and create the foundation for strategy development and the opportunity to actively influence the future.

Strategic development is a matter of influencing your organisation's future in the desired direction. Your strategy should build on a thorough analysis that provides a holistic perspective on your organisation's future contextual environment, and not least which uncertainties to focus on and work with. We provide a solid foundation for your further strategic development that helps you shape and define your organisation's desired direction.

With a basis in megatrend analyses and scenario planning, we help you determine your organisation’s risk profile and analyse how risks are best handled. Societal development patterns and megatrends are in themselves neither positive nor negative, but when interpreted into your concrete organisational reality they may have major effects. We will help you asses these risks and recognise the challenges and opportunities that arise from them.

Innovation is the key to long-term competitiveness in the global markets and works best in close connection with strategy and scenarios. Expectations about the future are central guideposts when we help organisations to discover new concepts and further develop innovation processes.



We are a leading global advisory firm in the use of futurist methods developed to solve strategic organisational challenges. Our clients include some of the world’s largest organisations.


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The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) is a self-owned membership organisation. The member circle consists of future-oriented organisations and institutions.