CIFS Global Scanning Network (GSN) is a network comprised of CIFS employees, and a team of global ambassadors. The ambassadors are Master/PhD graduates and working professionals on a six-month rotation, providing expert perspectives in the realms of science and technology, politics, culture, design, innovation, business management, finance, marketing and branding. The GSN represents a diverse, global group of individuals contributing unique observations, profitable ideas, and sharp insights into specific industry challenges.

With our GSN, we collect, compare and evaluate a wide range of signals – including new and emerging trends, technologies, values, products, concepts, companies, services, and ideas. This helps us to identify what’s happening now and what could emerge tomorrow. It is a process that seeks to identify the earliest indications of a potentially disruptive development, but also tracks changes to established phenomena or trends. In our Global Scanning Review, we publish a carefully chosen selection of the best observations.

Society and Governance

Marc Petermann

German, lives in Velbert, Germany

Araceli De Anda González

Mexican, lives in Mexico City, Mexico

Gabriel Del Castillo

Peruvian lives in Lima, Peru

Jaqueline Gil

Brazilian, lives in Brasilia, Brazil

Travis Burr Kupp

American, lives in Atlanta, USA

Jue Ying Choo

Lives in Singapore

Megan Cansfield

American pursuing a Master’s of Law at Peking University

Rachel Macdonald

American social scientist, lives in Copenhagen

Al Mansor Helal

Education professional and researcher, lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Erlend Malmer

Norwegian writer and MA Graduate in European Studies, lives in Sweden

Johannes Moesgaard Lech

Danish political scientist, works in the Danish Foreign Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Valencia Jackson

American, Regional Communication Lead UNICEF USA

India Birrell

Australian political scientist, lives in Sydney, Correspondent and Advocacy Board Member for the non-government organization, the Organization for World Peace.

Andrea Samardzija

Certified Australian legal practitioner admitted to the High Court of Australia and the Supreme Court in the State of Victoria, currently living in The Netherlands

People and Wellbeing Research Unit

Jure Pestotnik

Slovenian, lives in Slovenia

Cerena Ceaser

PhD in philosophy. American, lives in California

Leif A. Devaney

PhD in Biology. American, lives in Minnesota

Oliver Bream McIntosh

Lives in Leuven, Belgium

Deniz Yazıcıoğlu

Turkish, lives in Istanbul, Turkey

Giovanni Lumicisi

Italian, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark

Kevin Jae

Lives in Toronto, Canada

Bes Pittman Baldwin

American, lives in Durham, USA

Manali Bhutwala

Architech. Indian, lives in Mumbai, India

Maria Maj

Polish, lives in Alba, Italy

Mihaela Mincheva

Bulgarian, lives in Sofia, Bulgaria

Danielle Travers

American Strategist and Researcher, based in New York

Clare Brozicevich-Hollow

Australian Bachelor of Arts in Politics, International Studies and Sociology, based in Copenhagen

Sidsel Bjørnseth

Norwegian MSc Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship, based in Copenhagen, Director of Communication at Singularity U Nordic

Lucinda Nuzum

American and Finnish, based in Copenhagen, Master of Science Biology-Biotechnology

Enrico Mastroianni

MA in Cognition and Communication, Italian, based in Copenhagen

Lene Lundberg

Norwegian e-Health advisor, from Tromsø

Marie Wengler

Danish sociologist, Master’s degree in Cognition and Communication

Dana Gallaty

American writer, lives in Istanbul

Business and Economy research unit

Buck Seng

Lives in Singapore

Mark Westerhuis

Dutch, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark

Arka Dev Biswas Deepra

Bangladeshi, lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Anna Grigoryeva-Trier

Russian, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark

Diana Parfeni Stafie

Romanian, lives in Maastricht, Netherlands

Cecilie Louise Jørgensen

Danish lives in Copenhagen, Master’s degree in Diversity and Change Management

Sofia Mendes

from Lisbon, Portugal, Exhibition Designer at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon

Elma Demir

lives in Sarajevo, MA in Liberal Arts, Concentration in Globalisation Studis, works at Department of Sociology, University of London, Goldsmiths College

Sophie Schneider

American lives in New York, studies at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, NY & Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Projected Graduation: May 2020

Emily Gilson

American lives in Washington D.C., D.C: Licensed Attorney, my LL.M. in International Trade and Investment Law at American University Washington College of Law

Joshua Loughman

American, Ph.D., School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University

Dries Malfait

Dutch lives in Denmark, economist currently working as an auditor at EY.

Mirac Yazici

lives in Turkey, Pusuing a PhD in Economics

Consumers and Retail research unit

Garette Johnson

American, lives in New York

Beata Pecionaityte

Lithuanian, lives in Berlin, Germany

Mariia Maksimova

Russian, lives in Estonia

Kiia Maria Järvinen


Eveline van Gaal

Dutch, lives in Oslo, Norway

Elizebeth Croeser

South African designer. Lives in Johannesburg.

Sara Boller

Italian, lives in Trento, Italy

Leanna Siron

French lives in Paris, Master’s degree graduate in International Management with Marketing

Lærke Kristensen

Danish lives in Copenhagen, Corporate Responsibility Specialist

Soledad Monsalve

Argentinian, currently finishing her PhD in Management in Rotterdam, 15 years of Marketing and Writing experience

Sirikarn Suphawanichleela

from Bangkok lives in Sweden, Master of Science, Service Management/Retail

Charlotte Lundquist

Swedish journalist, Head of Content at Value not Noise

Tijana Jaksic

Serbian, soon graduating from Lund University with a Master's degree in Applied Cultural Analysis

Yu Ito

Japanese lives in Tokyo, strategic designer

Minaya Algora

Spanish lives in Berlin, dual degree in Media Communications and Advertising and PR



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