Futures Seminar: Megatrends that shape our future

Watch the latest report launch where we explored the major and interconnected global shifts looming on the horizon

The futurist John Naisbitt once said that trends, like horses, are easier to ride in the direction they are already going. This is certainly true when it comes to ‘megatrends’, the high-level structural drivers of change that will shape societies globally in the decades to come. 

On February 3rd, 2022, we launched of our upcoming SCENARIO Report – a deep dive into the megatrends shaping the future. At the seminar, using the report as our vantage point, we guided through the major and interconnected global changes and challenges we see on the horizon, and discuss how we can use megatrends to see the long-term picture through the short-term fog of uncertainty. 

The report is available for purchase - here.

The event was hosted by Lead Writer, Timothy Shoup, Head of Publications, Casper Skovgaard Pedersen, and Senior Advisor, Nicklas Larsen.

This is the first of the ten yearly Futures Seminars that will explore a variety of themes and trends. The first three are part of the theme ‘Exploring possible futures’, where we will examine the many different aspects of futures studies and foresight as a discipline. 

Next Futures Seminar is on March 9, 2022. Participation is free - sign up now.

Watch or rewatch the recording of the seminar from February 3rd.