Futures Seminar #6: Nature’s Futures

Rethinking our relationship with the Earth

Futures Seminar #6: Nature’s Futures
August 31, 2022
16:00-17:00 // 4pm - 5 pm (CEST)

The future of humanity is intimately entangled with and dependent on the prosperity and health of Earth’s ecosystems – for better and worse. The upcoming Futures Seminar explores this connection and examines the risks we take if we do not shift course from exploitation to regeneration. We investigate the new frontiers of biomimetics and the potential for innovation found in nature, ecological forecasting, and a future where nature has rights comparable to those of humans.

This is the sixth of our ten yearly Futures Seminars that will explore a variety of themes and trends.

More information to be revealed.

Work in the Metaverse

In May, we hosted our most recent Futures Seminar: ‘Work in the Metaverse'. The seminar leaned into the theme of our FARSIGHT publication 'Entering the New Age of Work' and included both an interview in the realm of the Metaverse and expert professionals dedicated to the immersive and corporate metaverse.

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