Free Access to our Webinar on Anticipatory Leadership at the Board Level

Free access to the recording of our webinar: "Anticipatory Leadership at the Board Level", which explores organisational future-preparedness after COVID-19.

On January 11th, 2022, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies facilitated a webinar based on a research project conducted with Aarhus University School of Management to investigate the role of top management in organisational future preparedness.

This webinar explores key insights from the study into how boards and top management understand their role as long-term stewards of organisational value. We discuss the many ways in which boards and executive management already address the future, as well as what they are lacking.

Special guest, Pauline Lindwall, board director and senior advisor and winner of the Women's Board Award in Sweden 2020, joined us for the webinar.

Read more about the research report.

Free Access to the Recording of this Webinar

Below, you can access the full webinar on "Anticipatory Leadershop at the Board Level", which is available on the Institute's Youtube channel.