Future Product Development

Innovation & scenario planning - sound and vibration.

Future Product Development

Scenario process


Brüel & Kjær


Mapping the most important strategic focus areas for product development towards 2030.

Process and Result

Electronics and engineering company, Brüel & Kjær A/S, is working in a changeable industry and needed to formulate a proactive and future-proof strategy to keep its current industry leadership. In collaboration with Brüel & Kjær, the Institute developed the report, Beyond Tomorrow: Scenarios 2030, which outlined four scenarios for future product development with a focus on the company’s core area: sound and vibration. The report was the result of a larger project that looked at how new technology, changing value sets, and new business models change product design across sectors, and how organisations need to adapt to changes. The conclusions of the report are based on comprehensive megatrend analyses and interviews with leading experts from a range of global companies that have product development as a key part of their business.

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