Report: Danes and the Climate

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies has collaborated with Epinion to look into Danes' opinions and actions regarding the climate.

Report: Danes and the Climate

At the UN's climate conference, COP26, in November 2021, almost 200 countries agreed to reduce their climate emissions to ensure that global warming would not exceed 1,5 °C. Looking at the consumer based carbon footprint, the world's population needs to reduce their carbon footprint to 2,5 tonnes CO2 per capita in 2030 to reach a climate impact that is in accordance with the 1,5 °C goal from the Paris agreement. Today, Danes have a footprint of 11 tonnes. A large part of this reduction will come from transforming the energy system, but consumers also have an opportunity to help with the transition. Some will have bigger opportunities than others, since individual people's footprint vary. Reducing carbon emissions through changes in habits and lifestyle demand systemic changes as well as individual actions.

In this analysis, we take a closer look at whether Danes make an effort to act climate consciously and help reach the 1,5 °C.

The transition to a sustainable society needs to happen quickly and will be felt by the Danes. The analysis poses the question: Are they ready for that?

Highlighted findings

  • Despite the fact that 62% of Danes are concerned about climate change, only 55% are willing to change their lifestyle. Even less (21%) currently have a lifestyle that can be described as sustainable.
  • Danes can be split into four segments: 1) Green Consumers, 2) More Attitude than Action, 3) Green Climate Skeptics, and 4) Change Averse.
  • The sustainable choice demands more commitment from the consumers, who also feel that they lack knowledge and guidance to make sustainable choices. Furthermore, it needs to make sense for the individual.
  • 41% answer that they can imagine opting out of specific companies' products in the future if the company is emitting too much CO2. However, only 27% have done this in the past year. 27% is still a large amount and indicates that companies should be aware of people choosing to opt out based on climate concerns.

Report: Danes and the Climate

How important is the climate to Danish consumers? Who do they think bear the primary responsibility, and what are they willing to do themselves? The Institute has answered these and many other questions in partnership with Epinion to give insights about how easy or difficult achieving Denmark's climate promises and creating a green future will be.

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