A dynamic and applicable approach

Futures studies originated in its modern form in the 1960s, when the United States, France and later Denmark stood out as first movers. Three distinct features characterise the Copenhagen Method for scenario planning, developed at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. The method is:

  • Action-oriented
  • Dialogue-based
  • Dynamic.

This contrasts with a traditional and more static approach to scenario planning, where organisations develop general scenarios for the next 10, 25, or 50 years. Such scenarios may be inspirational, but they rarely enable organisations to act.

At the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, we have a strong methodological and theoretical foundation. However, because we develop most of our products in direct collaboration with organisations and their top management, we have systemised our processes in a way that makes the results relevant and easy to turn into practical action. This is primarily achieved through careful selection of the particular uncertainties that exist for the individual organisation and through ongoing input from the organisation’s management.

It is crucial to the Copenhagen Method that the results are co-created in direct collaboration with the client organisation’s decision-makers to ensure ownership and a common, internal language. This dialogue-based approach also ensures an elevated level of relevance, because we not only tailor the project to the organisation’s unique needs, but also regularly test our ideas and assumptions throughout the process. This makes the Copenhagen Method very dynamic.

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