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Changes in media impact how we as citizens, organisations or businesses orient ourselves in a hyper-digital society.

Media & Entertainment

Why we work with Media & Entertainment

The media landscape is becoming increasingly complex. As the production and consumption of media accelerates, more and more sources of information, news and entertainment are competing for access to our limited mind space. We increasingly experience and engage with the world around us through media technology, and the individual has gone from being a passive media recipient to an active media prosumer. On a societal level, issues surrounding trust, polarisation, media literacy and the nature of truth in a networked reality are central to understanding the future of media.

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Recent Publications

This Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies report covers our changing media landscape from three different perspectives: the future of public service media, diverging trajectories in commercial media, and the new frontiers of hi-tech media.

New Initiative

The Institute is looking into how actors within the Nordic media industry can be part of shaping the future role of media for the betterment of society. We do this with a variety of different initiatives.

Debate on the Future Media Landscape

Clip of Futurist, Sofie Hvitved, on the future of media at Kulturmødet Mors 2021 (in Danish)

Some of Denmark's most visionary and influential media experts and personalities were gathered for two panel debates hosted by the Institute at Kulturmødet Mors 2021.

On this occasion, Futurist, Sofie Hvitved, set the scene for a panel debate by giving a presentation on what the future of media holds.

Selected Cases

In the media

What is the future of the media landscape? Futurist Sofie Hvitved elaborates on how we need ethical algorithms to ensure good content reaching the wider audiences.

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