Global Scanning Network

Members of the GSN apply the Horizon Scanning method to identify new signals of change and monitor ongoing developments relevant to the Institute's research.

Want to know more about this initiative?

The Global Scanning Network (GSN) is a network comprised of employees of the Institute and a team of global ambassadors. The ambassadors are Master/PhD graduates and working professionals that participate in the network on a six-month rotation, providing expert perspectives in the realms of science and technology, politics, culture, design, innovation, business management, finance, marketing and branding. The GSN represents a diverse, global group of individuals contributing unique observations and sharp insights into specific industry challenges.

The GSN supports the Institute by collecting, comparing and evaluating early signals of change – including emerging trends, technologies, values, products, concepts, companies, services, and ideas. This helps us to identify what’s happening now and what could emerge tomorrow. It is a process that seeks to identify the earliest indications of a potentially disruptive development while also monitoring developments within ongoing trends. These insights are applied in our advisory work and published in our reports and magazines.