The Members' Events are our international membership meetups for decision-makers. The events are open for all members of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Our aim is to create a dialogue with people who understand the need to engage with the future proactively, and to provide them with inspiration and insights that help them do so. We put the future on the agenda, and our members get the first chance to discuss opportunities, consequences and risks related to the latest trends and developments identified by the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

Members' Events 2018


MR 1/2018: March 13, 2018
MR 2/2018: June 6, 2018
MR 3/2018: September 18, 2018
MR 4/2018: November 22, 2018


MR 1/2018: March 15, 2018
MR 2/2018: June 21, 2018
MR 3/2018: September 27, 2018
MR 4/2018: November 23, 2018


MR 1/2018: March 8, 2018
MR 2/2018: June 13, 2018
MR 3/2018: September 12, 2018
MR 4/2018: November 21, 2018


MR 1/2018: March 7, 2018
MR 2/2018: June 12, 2018
MR 3/2018: September 11, 2018
MR 4/2018: November 20, 2018

Material from previous CIFS Members’ Events can be found here.



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Talks & courses


The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) is a self-owned membership organisation. The member circle consists of future-oriented organisations and institutions.