Webinar in English "Crumbling pillars – Four threats to the global status quo" - 01 Apr 2019 18:00

The pillars of modern society are under pressure and some may already be eroded.

In the upcoming member’ report, CIFS focuses on four changes that will affect the state of the present global society.


- Liberal democracy has ruled more and more of the world since the end of World War II, but now it is threatened by anti-democratic forces such as populist nationalism, fake news, manipulated elections, inequality and corruption.

- Western-led globalization is threatened. Western democracies have low growth and are increasingly closing in on themselves. China is ready for the role of new world leader - but with which agenda?

- Scientific and technological development has been dominated by Western countries since the Industrial Age. This dominance now seems to be moving to Asia with China in the lead.

- A stable climate has previously enabled long-term planning at national level. Now cities and infrastructure are plagued by storm surges, arable land becomes desert, the world's forests are threatened by drought and hurricanes, and low-lying coastal areas are being swallowed by the sea.

If you can't participate in the members' event in Oslo or Copenhagen you can join our webinar on April 1st at 4 pm CET.

Come and hear what the consequences can be for nations, companies and citizens when CIFS Futurist & CEO Daria Krivonos will present CIFS’ latest research at the upcoming webinar.

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