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- Become a founding partner in our new multi-actor study

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Are you challenged by having to create the greatest possible value from your physical workplace and meetings? Do you want to become a thought leader? Then join up with CIFS and become a founding partner in our multi-actor study Workplace2030 (Arbejdsrum2030) – the liquid workplace of the future.

The aim of Workplace2030 is to develop an understanding of how new technologies and behavioural patterns will transform the workplace of the future.

Based on this understanding we will develop a series of concrete recommendations which can be applied to existing work settings, environments and processes to take the most advantage of current possibilities and future potential.

The study will run over a year (from Q4 2019 to Q4 2020) and will involve a core group of participants counting 25-30 organisations and individuals, all united in the common goal of creating more value in and for the workplace based on their own challenges.

The founding partner structure

The study will include a limited number of founding partners (4) with industry-exclusivity. The role of founding partner includes:

  • Strategic partnership and participation in the Workplace2030 Advisory Board
  • Co-authorship of the multi-actor study
  • Co-authorship of publications and communication efforts
  • Possibility of organising activities and meetings based on the multi-actor study
  • Improvement of knowledge and competencies in your own organisation through one-day workshops in a founding partner capacity
  • Possibility of including your own company or organisation as a case in the study

To read more about the future of work, visit our topics section here.

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