COVID-19 seen from a megatrends perspective

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Times of extraordinary change require adaptation. Among our main areas of expertise are the identification of opportunity spaces and zones of risks for societal actors around the world. In the case of the current COVID-19 crisis, there is an urgent need to address questions like:

  • How would the new normal look like post-pandemic conditions?  
  • Will it be beneficial for societies to go cashless once and for all?  
  • Will work-life balances shift permanently after what could be considered the world’s largest experiments in remote work? 

To answer some of these questions, whave created a quarantine kit that puts the COVID-19 pandemic into a megatrend perspective, explaining some the factors surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the global society’s reaction to it. Download the CIFS Quarantine Kit here.   

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Although COVID-19 caught the world off-guard, global pandemics was, is, and will continue to be a looming threat – what we futurists refer to as a wildcard. In 2016, we addressed the risk of a pandemic like COVID-19 emerging. You can read the article here

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