New associated partner with a focus on urban development

- Nikolaj Sveistrup, URBAN AGENDA, joins CIFS


Nikolaj Sveistrup, URBAN AGENDA, becomes a new associated partner at CIFS. Nikolaj about the collaboration:

"For me, the most important megatrend right now is urbanisation. Vi expect the 70% of the worlds 10 billion inhabitants in 2050 will live in cities. The biggest challenge I see is that the cities that are being built now are neither sustainable or liveable. Therefore, we must ensure that cities support the lives we want to lead without negatively affecting our health and the climate.

Our future trajectory depends on the decisions we make today. In order to make these decisions on an informed basis, I believe futures studies can push us in the right direction by developing insights into megatrends and other important developments that must be included in the decision-making process.

Briefly put, my agenda is about pushing urban development in a transformative direction, based on the UN's sustainable development goals. This means taking a broad view of urban life that includes everything that makes up a city - including the people who live in it. That is why I established URBAN AGENDA."

Follow Nikolaj on twitter: @NSveistrup and read more about URBAN AGENDA at

Read more about Nikolaj in our staff section.

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