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Futures Partnership
Future-proof your organisation
DKK 59.000 annually
+ EU VAT -
Continuous actionable research enabling our Futures Partners to use change as a resource. We identify and monitor key trends and uncertainties relevant for your organisation through:​ Quarterly update on critical trends and uncertainties​. Dialogue with your Trusted Advisor on trends and changes affecting your industry or sector.
Together, we identify where strategic foresight can make the biggest difference in your organisation and provide solutions to close the gaps through either: 1) Two course seats on one of our popular courses 2) One tailor-made presentation about a topic of your choice​. 10% discounts on projects and engagements (maximum discount of DKK 20.000 per year)
Broaden your horizon about future possibilities and stay updated on current trends and developments through:​ 4 annual issues of SCENARIO. Quarterly (print & digital) and access to launch events​. Organisation wide access to 4 exclusive annual Futures Seminars with expert talks from our futurists and guests, as well as thought-provoking panel debates. Early bird access to 6 open annual Futures Talks​. Unlimited access to our archive of publications, research, and material.​

Interested in the work that we do and how we might help your organisation?