Futures Partnership

For organisations, who want to leverage the future and be prepared in the face of uncertainty and complexity.

We help you make better decisions about the future using strategic monitoring of critical trends and uncertainties, as well as development of relevant futures capabilities and insights. Futures-proof your organisation today, together with us.


Organisations with a structured approach to strategic foresight outperforms organisations who do not prepare for an increasingly uncertain future. We offer continual, actionable research enabling our Futures Partners to use change as a resource. We identify and monitor key trends and uncertainties relevant for your organisation.​

  • Quarterly update on critical trends and uncertainties​
  • Trusted Advisor, available for ongoing dialogue and sparring​


Many organisations do not know where to start, when it comes to working effectively with the future. CIFS leverages 50+ years of experience to help you identify where strategic foresight can make the biggest difference in your organisation and provide solutions to close the gaps.​

  • Either: 1) Two course seats on one of our popular courses ​
    2) One tailor-made presentation about a topic of your choice​
  • 10% discounts on projects (up to a discount of 20,000 DKK a year)​
  • (Coming in 2022) Foresight Maturity Assessment, where we help identify areas of strength and potential improvements of your organisation’s foresight capabilities to better equip you in shaping your own future.


Broaden your mind about future possibilities and stay updated on current trends and developments.​

  • 4 annual issues of SCENARIO Quarterly* (print & digital) and access to launch events.​
  • 4 exclusive annual Futures Seminars with expert talks from our futurists and guests, as well as thought-provoking panel debates.​
  • Early bird access to 6 open annual Futures Seminars ​
  • Unlimited access to our archive of publications, research, and material.​

*Note: SCENARIO Quarterly become effective from January 2022. Until then, you will receive the remaining issues of Scenario Magazine.

DKK 59.000 Annually
+ EU VAT -

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