Global Megatrends: Shaping the future of societies, economies, and values

The interplay between stable trends and the more unstable forces of change (typically ones that have to do with human decision-making) determine the future. In this fluid dance between agency and structure, megatrends provide an important vantage point for working with the future in an informed way. Megatrend analysis is an essential part of the futurist toolbox and integral to foresight work and scenario planning, and it has been integral to how we work at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies for decades. Yet knowing and understanding the trajectories of megatrends is not only essential for futurists; it is crucial for any decision-maker seeking to make more future-informed decisions in an increasingly complex world.

This publication explores 15 megatrends that will shape the world in the decades to come while also illustrating how megatrends can be used practically in the context of future-proofing organisational strategy.

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