We equip you to leverage uncertainty, drive change, and use the future as a resource.


When changes in the external environment disrupt your strategic direction, it is typically because you were unaware of the specific critical uncertainties impacting the future of your organisation. As a partner of the Institute, we equip you to proactively address the uncertainties related to changes in your external environment by generating actionable insights for you to shape your own future.

We do so by mapping critical uncertainties relevant to your business, providing strategic early warnings and equip you to act prior to critical changes. As research shows (Aarhus University, 2018) organisations with a structured approach to, and application of strategic foresight, outperforms organisations who do not prepare for an increasingly uncertain future.


What you get

  • Strategic Early Warnings. To enable you to use change as a resource, we identify what trends and uncertainties are key for your organisation to monitor and help capture strategic early warnings.
  • Trusted Advisor. Besides semi-annual sparring sessions you receive 50 tokens of a value of EUR 6,700 (DKK 50,000) to spend on offerings that will enable you to make most use of our expertise and knowledge to equip you to leverage your organisation's future. Purchasing additional tokens allows a made-to-measure solution. Read more in our catalogue of offerings.
  • CIFS Foresight Index. Your ability to make future-informed decisions is pivotal in times facing rapid and accelerated change. We help identify areas of strength and potential improvement in your organisation's foresight capabilities to equip you to better shape your own future.
  • Knowledge Package. Our partners have unlimited access to our SCENARIO publications in print and digital, research, and archives, as well as our expert webinars and live presentations.

What our clients say

"CIFS were our expert consultants and companions on this journey who helped us explore the future in an innovative, engaging, and creative way. We were extremely pleased with the four future scenarios that emerged and which will inform the interventions we will develop."
- Ena Nielsen, Assoc. Director, The IDA Institute, Denmark
"Developing thought leadership positions on urban futures was a great project for us. CIFS did an outstanding job in providing future-driven perspectives on urban spaces."
- May Kristin Haugen, Head of Communications, COWI, Denmark
"It was reassuring to work with CIFS when formulating our long-term vision for the future Irish exports in the food and drink industry over the next 25 years."
- Helen King, Director of strategic insight & planning, Board Bia, Ireland
DKK 109.000 Annually
+ EU VAT -
Basic Partnership Package

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