Leo Petersen-Khmelnitski
+45 52 80 40 45


Leo Petersen-Khmelnitski is a blockchain consultant, with focus in development of new ideas and concepts in blockchain adoptions. Leo makes presentations to corporate clients on blockchain adoption in the areas of corporate operations or interest to clients. He has developed white papers and ToRs to developers. 

Leo edits www.digitalasset.live, dedicated to mainstream blockchain adoption. Digital Asset Live publishes interviews with the industry's movers and shakers, with people behind the largest and the most exciting projects. 150 best interviews will form a book, under the draft title 'Blockchain People'. Leo is also co-authoring another book that will sum up the first decade of blockchain. Further, Leo provides online and offline training in blockchain adoptions. Has co-authored a number of research articles.

Professional Summary


  • MSc Environmental Assessment and Evaluation, London School of Economics
  • Copenhagen Business School, HK
  • Moscow State University, BA

Relevant Major Employees:

Channel One, MediaMost, BBC

Fun Facts

Weird language combination: English, Danish, Russian, Thai. Studies Portuguese now.