EUROCONSTRUCT: Forecasting European construction

The Euroconstruct Report: Data, analysis & forecasts of both buildings & civil engineering covers 19 countries in Western & Central Eastern Europe in the next 2-3 years.

EUROCONSTRUCT is an unbeatable source for knowledge on upcoming developments in building construction and civil engineering in Europe. The Euroconstruct Report provides detailed, well documented analyses and forecasts of construction in each of the 19 countries to aid your planning and strategy work.

For more information on the EUROCONSTRUCT forecasts and the publications, as well as advice on strategy in relation to urban development, construction needs in various sectors (residential and non-residential), construction materials and related areas, please contact Anders Bjerre, CIFS:

Present FORECASTS 2019-2022

The EUROCONSTRUCT Report, 29th Nov. 2019

EUROCONSTRUCT has been in continuous development since 1974 by CIFS and its partners. CIFS is the Danish partner and the representative of Euroconstruct in Denmark. For a list of partners, visit the Euroconstruct organisation website.

Forecasts of construction in European countries not covered by The Euroconstruct Report

CIFS offers three further reports on building construction & civil engineering in other European countries, developed by our partners in the Euroconstruct network.

These reports present data, analyses & forecasts of building construction and civil engineering. Two of the reports have a structure very similar to that of the Euroconstruct Report, while the third (The EECFA Forecast) differs a bit more, but remains an excellent source of knowledge.

These reports are

The Baltic Construction Report, covering trends in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. More info on the Baltic Construction Report

The Russia Construction Report, covering trends Russia in the next 2-3 years (with some details of regional trends in this huge market). More info on The Russia Construction Report

The EECFA Construction Forecast covers trends in 8 countries in Eastern & South Eastern Europe in the next 1-2 years. Coverage: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, and the Ukraïne. More info the EECFA Construction Forecast

All these three reports (on Baltic / Russia / EECFA Construction): updated December 2019.



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