Members' reports

Each year we produce four major reports, reserved for the members of the Institute. The reports deal with topics that are of interest to a wide range of companies and organisations — such as product development, organisational strategy, lifestyles, communication, and consumers — always in a future perspective and based on the ongoing research at the Institute.

See if your organisation is a member or learn how to become one. If you are already signed in, you can access and read all Members' Reports below.

Members' Report 04/2018

Trust is chan ... Arrow

Members' Report 03/2018

A clear understa ... Arrow

Members' Report 02/2018

The nature of gl ... Arrow

Members' Report 01/2018

Megatrends like ... Arrow

Members' Report 04/2017

A successful wor ... Arrow

Members' Report 03/2017

The report looks ... Arrow

Members' Report 02/2017

The nature of wo ... Arrow

Members' Report 01/2017

The strongest br ... Arrow

Members' Report 04/2016

The media covera ... Arrow

Members' Report 03/2016

Automation will ... Arrow

Members' Report 02/2016

CIFS examines th ... Arrow

Members' Report 01/2016

Resilience helps ... Arrow



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The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) is a self-owned membership organisation. The member circle consists of future-oriented organisations and institutions.