From Megatrends and Scenarios to Strategy

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Our ‘From megatrends and scenarios to strategy course’ is a popular choice for decision makers, designers, strategic planners, and people who want to get a head-start working strategically with future insights and uncertainties.

Over the last three iterations of the course we have an average satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5.0. If you have questions, reach out to Carsten Beck or sign-up before your industry’s disruptor – seats sell out quickly.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) is a world leader in applying futures studies and foresight methodologies to client specific challenges. In this course, participants will learn CIFS’s approach to megatrend and scenario processes. It will provide you with a thorough introduction into how megatrends and scenarios can be applied to strategy, innovation and risk management.

The strategic foresight analysis course: From Megatrends and Scenarios to Strategy

Beginning with megatrends and then working through a structured process to develop scenarios as a framework to test strategic options, the course guides participants through a method that helps organizations manage uncertainty and reduce complexity by:

  • Identifying the range of issues that are of strategic interest, including changes in customer expectations, technological innovation, new entrants, new business models, disruptions, etc
  • Sorting through these issues to focus on those that are most impactful and for which the organization has a poorly developed response
  • Understanding the degree of uncertainty surrounding impactful strategic issues
  • Developing scenarios to explore how the future based on critical uncertainties could develop
  • Stress test strategies against the scenarios to develop organizational resiliency and thereby identify an organization’s level of preparedness

Megatrends are fundamental trends that shape society and markets over the long-term. They help us make sense of the complexity of our surrounding world and act. Megatrends represent our assumed knowledge about the probable future, and have three characteristics: 1) Time horizon of at least 10-15 years; 2) Broad in scope; and 3) Large in effect. Examples of megatrends are technological development, globalisation, economic growth, and individualisation.

Megatrends are used to understand and anticipate changes in organizations’ operating environments; megatrends and other trends are used to identify 1) key areas of strategic interest and potential risks and opportunities in markets and 2) key areas of uncertainty.

Scenarios form the backbone for strategic analysis. Scenarios can be used in several different processes, including strategy, innovation, risk management, market analysis, etc. The scenario process provides a structured and positive process and framework for 1) structuring and sorting trends and issues so participants focus on those with high degrees of uncertainty and impact, 2) Creates alternative views on the future instead of only extrapolating current trends 3) stress-testing of strategies and concepts, 4) developing strategic agility by examining opportunities and challenges in the future, and 5) establishing a platform for innovation and risk management.


This course is for individuals that need strategic forward thinking within management, strategy, innovation, risk management, business development, etc.

This course will give you

  • Solid insight into the megatrends that shape the future and how they may affect your business or organisation
  • The ability to spot and analyse critical uncertainties influencing your future strategic environment
  • Knowledge of how to use the scenario method as a tool for strategic analysis - strategy development, innovation, and risk management
  • Inspiration for developing innovative products, services, or business models
  • The opportunity for networking and exchanging experiences and ideas with strategy leaders from other organisations and industries

Practical details

The course will take place over two full days. The course will consist of a mixture of presentations and workshops facilitated by CIFS researchers and consultants with years of global experience.

  • Copenhagen course venue: Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Amaliegade 5C, 1256 Copenhagen K
  • Dubai course venue: TBC

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DKK 12.800 + VAT per person (EUR 1.750 + VAT per person), incl. breakfast, lunch, refreshments and course material.

  • Members: 15% discount
  • Subscribers to Scenario Knowledge package: 10% discount
  • Additional participants from the same organization: 10% discount


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