Thor Svanholm Gustavfson

Youth, Education, Futures Literacy

Examples of Keynotes

  • Imagining the future - an introduction to futures literacy and imagination training

About Thor

Thor is at the forefront of integrating futures literacy and anticipatory capabilities into modern education, from primary school to higher education, through Teach the Future Denmark, an initiative led by the Institute. His expertise lies in teaching futures and foresight methodologies as well as planning and conducting interdisciplinary research looking at the intersection of education, technology, well-being, and the younger generation's perspectives on shared and individual futures. Thor oversees various projects under Teach the Future Denmark, focusing on developing tools, methods, and educational frameworks. These initiatives aim to empower educators to seamlessly integrate "the future" and teach futures literacy within school curricula and course programs. Thor's work involves generating knowledge and data about the impact of teaching futures and fostering capabilities that enhance collective futures consciousness through new, engaging, and playful content and formats, encouraging the youth to embrace and practice futures studies and foresight.

In his role as advisor and futurist at the Institute, Thor has worked closely with the private and civil sectors, with public institutions, and in collaboration with intergovernmental entities, cultivating organisational foresight capabilities, strategic insights, and new approaches to social and systemic innovation in various contexts and settings. He has authored several articles covering topics such as global demographic developments, urban and public governance, urban-rural polarisation, and labour markets and skills – all from a futures perspective.


Through his educational background in anthropology and Science and Technology Studies (STS) Thor has acquired profound social science research experience, allowing him to delve into the interrelatedness between human behaviour, values, norms, and technology. This expertise extends to planning and facilitating creative and collaborative research and innovation processes based on exploratory and user-driven disciplines and approaches. With specialisation in entrepreneurship studies and practical experience gained from previous roles in the private consultancy industry, Thor has gained valuable knowledge in how to foster cultures of organisational creativity and innovation providing him with a holistic and systematic approach in consolidating futures studies, teaching, and play in the future of education

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