Timothy Shoup

Provides strategic advisory services to corporations, institutions, and governments in the areas of long-term strategic planning, scenario thinking, technological disruption, geopolitical development, and emerging risks assessment.

Examples of Keynotes

  • Futures Studies and Scenario Planning - Inverting the Strategy Process in the 21st century
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution - Acceleration and Complexity in an Increasingly Global World
  • The Future of the Global Maritime Industry
  • Future of Society and Values in a Sustainable World - Understanding the Forces Impacting ESG Investing
  • Future of Offshore Wind in a Disruptive 21st Century World

About Timothy

Timothy Shoup is a Senior Advisor and Futurist with a background in investment banking, corporate finance and strategic planning across a diverse range of sectors.  He has delivered keynote presentations on scenario planning, emerging exponentially advancing technologies, sustainability and investing, and strategic decision-making under conditions of radical uncertainty. Forecasting and traditional strategy processes often make little sense in a volatile world challenged by geopolitical instability, emerging technology platforms, and a dynamic, complex global economy that is changing radically. He advocates inverting the strategy process, directly engaging with future uncertainty, and planning for what you don’t know. Developing organisational agility, adaptability and resiliency will be key to survival and flourishing in the 21st century.


Timothy was previously a senior economist in the corporate strategy department at Maersk Group, responsible for strategic and operational decision-making regarding investment planning, capital allocation, M&A and financial performance optimisation. He started his career in the Los Angeles office of the investment banking firm Houlihan Lokey, where he advised large corporate clients in technology, media, telecom, sports and entertainment industries on sell-side M&A, LBOs, IPOs and portfolio valuation and advisory. Timothy holds an MTS degree in Philosophy, Theology and Ethics from Boston University, and a BA degree in Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology from Samford University.

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