The BIG HISTORY project

The Big History Project aims to establish a national Center for Big History in Denmark. Our mission is to formulate and promote the scientific origin story from the beginning of spacetime to the present day.

The BIG HISTORY project

Center for Big History is a research-based information center with an expected launch in 2024.

  • The goal of the center is to contribute to the population's understanding of the connection between cosmos, planet, and human culture.

The center is non-profit and works for the betterment of society. The target audience is adults in the Danish Commonwealth.

Big History

Big History is an academic discipline that focuses on the evolution of existence from the Big Bang until today. This is pursued through interdisciplinary natural science efforts and natural philosophy.

Center for Big History works on three equal content areas, which both individually and collectively reflect a self-organized development towards increasing complexity:

  • The physical world from the Big Bang onwards, approximately 14 billion years.
  • The biological world from the emergence of life on Earth onwards, approximately 4 billion years.
  • The self-aware world from Homo sapiens onwards, approximately 200,000 years.


The world is currently undergoing two linked biodiversity and climate crises, which have amplified the need for knowledge that focuses on wholeness and holistic, systemic conditions and human's place in this larger context. This is precisely what the Big History approach can provide.

In a time when populist nationalism and fake news are working to fragment humanity, there is also a need to find unifying perspectives that can counter these centrifugal tendencies. Center for Big History will contribute to this based on science:

• Big History is a narrative discipline and thus a strong discipline in a societal, enlightening perspective.


The centre's information and dissiminating activities fall into five different areas:

  • Books (narrative nonfiction)
  • Audio narratives (podcasts in the montage genre)
  • Digital communication
  • Open events (live)
  • Contribution to the public conversation and debate.

Scientific foundation

The centre's key employees have PhD-level qualifications, but are employed as dissiminators, not researchers. To ensure scientific anchoring, the center is advised by a scientific panel of 10 university researchers from primarily natural science disciplines.