The EUROCONSTRUCT Report, 29th Nov. 2019

Data, analyses, forecasts and overview 2019-2022 for 19 countries in Western and East Central Europe. Present forecast: 2019-2022 (Nov. 2019).

The package includes:

- Survey 2016-2022: Detailed, documented analysis and forecasts for countries and construction subsectors

- A comprehensive picture of future market conditions in 19 key countries

- Overview in single page format of each of the 19 countries  2016-2022

- Overview in single page format of each significant subsector in each country 2016-2022

Details on The EUROCONSTRUCT Report

  1. Country Report section:

Analyses + detailed tables for trends up to and including 2022 for 19 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

A total of around 480 pages, with 10-20 pages on each of the 19 countries (plus 6 pages of standard data and forecast tables for each country)

EUROCONSTRUCT Country Report Nov. 2019: Table of Contents & List of Network Members

Demo of Nov. 2019 Country Tables

  1. Summary Report section:

The big picture, with thematic analyses, eg. new residential construction in Europe and tables covering all countries for each theme. Around 180 pp.

Includes about 60 standard tables, covering developments in one factor (e.g. New residential construction) 2016-2022 for all 19 countries, in a half- or one-page format.

EUROCONSTRUCT Summary Report Nov. 2019: Table of Contents

Table overview Summary Report Nov. 2019

  1. Extensive data files:

Around 10.000 single data points, in an elegant table format. Ideal for analysing your specific future markets based on the EUROCONSTRUCT data & forecasts.

Note: All data in these reports are confidential.

The Report may be bought from CIFS. Please contact senior executive consultant Anders Bjerre,

Note that purchase from one of the other countries in the Euroconstruct network must be from the local partner (unless your company is represented in Denmark). You’ll find links to the other partners on the website.



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