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CIFS a part of Innovation Fund Denmark's Climate Panel


The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies has been given the task of supporting and contributing to Innovation Fund Denmark's Climate Solutions Panel, which has gathered leading experts and business leaders from home and abroad.

Posted Jul 3, 2019 in Environment & Resources

Climate change ranks as one of the biggest and most complex societal challenges in the coming decades. The challenge calls for strategic, solution-oriented and long-term efforts, incorporating technological and innovative solutions across research and business silos.

Innovation Fund Denmark has set up an ambitious climate panel, which counts leading researchers from home and abroad, some of Denmark's largest companies, interest organisations and investors with a clear focus on concrete solutions.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies facilitates and supports the work of the panel which, with its roots in Danish expertise in the climate area, is tasked with creating a starting point for future sustainable climate innovation, so that Denmark remains at the forefront when it comes to addressing the challenges. Specifically, the panel must go into depth with which areas of action can be invested in advantageously when researchers, entrepreneurs and the business community jointly translate knowledge, ideas and new technologies into concrete and innovative climate solutions.

CIFS CEO Daria Krivonos has a seat in the climate panel. She comments on the panel's mission: "For many decades, megatrends such as economic growth, globalisation, demographic and technological development have contributed to improving living standards and progress. But they have also formed the basis for the climate challenges we see today. Few people still discuss whether climate change requires action. Instead, the focus has now rightfully shifted to what actions are needed to meet the challenge. Innovation Fund Denmark's Climate Solutions Panel brings together the many players and decision-makers who together can develop a solution-oriented agenda and ensure that Denmark is at the forefront of both thought and action."

If you want to know more about the panel's work, please contact Daria Krivonos.

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