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CIFS has established itself as an international thought leader on the future of health and has worked on putting genomics and health data on the agenda both in and outside of Denmark. By initiating several multiclient studies with public and private organisations across the healthcare industry in Denmark and the Nordics, CIFS has become a facilitating platform for collaboration within health, data, genomics, and data sharing in the Nordic countries. In parallel, CIFS has, in collaboration with Innovation Fund Denmark, been in charge of a process to discover why it is so difficult to access and utilise health-relevant data.

In the Nordic area, CIFS has collaborated with Nordic Innovation to uncover opportunities for Nordic stakeholders in the health data area. Internationally, CIFS is a strategic partner with the global industry organisation for healthcare IT, HIMSS, WHO Digital Health Europe and Ehealth Research Norway. work with digital health development in both the Nordic region and Europe. CIFS has also taken a leading role in developing a specific personal health approach in Central and Eastern Europe in cooperation with European research infrastructures, public health institutions, reserachers and businesses.

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