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Today’s healthcare systems and traditional ways of thinking about health are not sustainable over the long term. Demographic changes, technological advancements, and new demands from citizens, health professionals, and decision makers are requiring that we rethink how we approach health. In recognising this need, CIFS has established itself as an international leader in the future of health by contributing to the transition from traditional, reactive approaches to healthcare to models for sustainable, preventive health.

For years, CIFS has been bringing together decision makers across the Nordic and European health value chain to shape the future of health in the Nordics and beyond. By designing and carrying out scenario planning processes and multiclient studies with public and private organisations across the healthcare industry and civil society in the Nordics, CIFS has worked to make sense of the complex health landscape and become a key facilitator for collaboration within health in the Nordic countries.

In partnership with key Nordic and European organisations, CIFS is on the way to realising a bold vision for the future of health: By placing an emphasis on preventive and personalised healthcare, laying the foundation for truly sustainable healthcare system models, encouraging the free and secure flow of health-relevant data, and giving individuals more control over their health, we can build a healthier, more sustainable global society.

Highlighted projects and initiatives


The Nordic Health 2030 Movement

Bulgarian and Eastern European Personalised Medicine Roadmap

Sustainable Health Index


The Nordic Health 2030 Process

The Future of the Danish Healthcare System

The Digital Health Revolution

The Danish Innovation Fund Data Access Process

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