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Consumption is changing — and so are the consumers.

We are moving towards a future with more liquid consumption patterns, horizontalised competition, and new technologies that impact consumer wants and needs. Physical-digital giant corporations create increased competition across industries. This sets new standards for convenience and increases consumer expectations of products and services. Adding to this, more liquid consumption patterns make the segmentation models of the past obsolete. Instead, companies must make it clear to the consumers in which situations they are relevant to them. Finally, a range of technologies will be important for future consumption and product development, including artificial intelligence, robots, 3D scanners, and the automated store. These trends intertwine in complex ways. Together, they represent a major shift in consumption that impacts companies across industries in the decades to come.

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The Future Belongs to the Liquid Consumer

Demographic consumer segmentation has long been comme il faut, but are gender, year of birth, geography, and such still relevant in an increasingly fragmented world full of people with liquid identities? We take a critical look at classical generational market segmentation and suggest new ways to segment in the future.

Jul 19, 2019 Arrow



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