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Global Scanning Review – 02:2017

This issue looks at MOOCs for jihadists, The Melania Trump bump, India’s leap towards a cashless society, Cyborgs at the workplace, China’s Silk Road put to EU test, Advances
in insurtech, Data driven beauty, Smartphone zombies and much more…

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The Battle for Future Mindspace – How to Remain Relevant to the Consumer

The strongest brands of the future will have to regard the relationship between brand and consumer as almost identical to the relationships formed between people. In this way, brands can ensure that they remain relevant to the consumer.

The battle for future mindspace – a place in the consumer's mind - is won through consistent communication in a world characterised by ongoing consumer journeys and the breakdown of silos across industries, where personification, affection, and co-creation of brand stories form the premise for remaining relevant.

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Evaluating the Hype – 3D print, Bitcoin, and Electric Cars – A Reality Check

The media coverage of new technology is often characterized by exaggerated optimism without consideration for the barriers the technology must overcome before it can live up to the hype.

We evaluate three technologies that over the past several years have received significant media attention: 3D printing, Bitcoin, and electric cars. How much is hype, and how much is reality?

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Horizont - SCENARIO 02:2017

The future is an enormous and overwhelming subject matter that requires a systematic and methodical approach to research and writing. In this issue, we offer an insight into some of the methods that lay the groundwork for much of the content that fills the pages of SCENARIO.

Other topics and articles in this issue: What is the Purpose of Growth? / The Anti-Technology Wave will hit us / It’s not a Bug, it’s a Feature: The Post-It Note / Rites for ‘Nones’ / Technoporn / The Health Revolution / A Farewell to Routine Work? / YES or NO: Twitter Bots / Photo Series: Les Damas des Autres by Poline Harbali / Sociotech: Talking to Tech / Q&A: BISSE / Futures Past: The Atomic Train / Blogs, Books, Podcasts / Tech / Trends, Ideas, Visions and more…

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Global Scanning Review – 01:2017

This issue looks at universal basic income, populism takes root in Canada, making CO2 a marketable product, rethinking advertisement, intelligent assistants on smartphones, massage therapy crime, hackers and pace-makers, organ shortages, designer vaginas and much more…

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Improve workplace experiences with the new generation of Service Management

Interested in learning about how to create best in class workplaces that put the end-user in focus? Check out this free webinar held by Peter Ankerstjerne (CMO, ISS A/S) and Jeffrey Saunders (Director & Futurist, CIFS).


Watch the presentation / Download the material


Post-Fact – SCENARIO 01:2017

In the post-factual society, things like truth and credibility are of little value and voters hardly care if politicians lie to them or not. How did this state of affairs come to be? Some claim that the post-factual society is a consequence of online filter... bubbles that confine us to information and news delivered in accordance with our pre-existing political views and cultural leanings. Others say that the post-modernists’ lack of interest in definite truths is to blame. We provide the full picture in this issue’s main article...

Other topics and articles in this issue: You Can Now Eat This Magazine / Homo Deus – Man as God / Wildcard: Motherhood Unlimited / Sociotech: Your Digital Footprint / Photo Series: Thrashers by Sacha Maric / The Neo-Generalist / Individual Resilience / Citizen Nature / News on Technology and Science / Futures Past: Sant’Elia and the Italian Futurists / Blogs / Books / Podcasts / Trends, Ideas, Visions and more...

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Global Scanning Review – 05/06:2016

This issue looks at ad-supported travel, Tinder for cities, ransomeware, online voting, artifcial neural networks, Chinese trade war, shoppingspree on Instagram, weed in the USA, IKEA innovation, genetically modified mosquitoes and much more…

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Global Scanning Network: Virtual internship at CIFS

CIFS are searching for aspiring virtual researchers and analysts with an interest in futures studies to join our Global Scanning Network (GSN) for Spring 2017 (5 February– 31 July 2017). Internship positions are available in all four of our research units, Society & Governance, Business & Economy, Consumers & Retail, People & Well-being. The CIFS internship programme is un-remunerated and virtual.

Read more about the opportunity here:

Global Scanning Network, Spring 2017

Global Scanning Review – 04:2016

This issue looks at Robot Cops in Dubai, Space Nations, Nigerian Politics, Twitterbots, Virtual Reality Justice, Typhoon Power, Capsule Collections, Urban Traffic, AI Innovation, Transient Technology, Smart Sewage Systems and much more...

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Retromania – SCENARIO 06:2016

The 1970s are back and they can be seen in everything from clothing styles and home furnishings to TV shows and music. However, is our longing for this carefree decade limited to aesthetics and a love of all things retro, or does it run deeper? In this issue’s main article, we take a look at how the 70s is a decade that in many ways reflects our own reality. Other articles and topics in this issue include: Are we Living in a Simulation? / Automation – The Perfect Storm or a Storm in a Tea Cup? / The End of Globalisation? / ”There is so much Shit on the Internet” / Jetsoning: When the Future is as now / Photo Series: Portraits of Self by Marco Scozzaro / Futures Past: The ’Man-From-Mars’ Radio Hat / Blogs / Books / Podcasts / Tech / Trends, Ideas, Visions and more...

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Automation – The Perfect Storm or a Storm in a Tea Cup?

Automation will undoubtedly lead to massive changes in our society in the coming years – but in which areas will these changes be most evident and to what extent? This members’ report takes a deep dive into the debate on automation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We examine how business models must adapt to these changes. Numerous jobs will disappear, come into being, or evolve; this in order to understand what consequences automation has already had and may have in years to come. Finally we examine how you, a decision-maker, will need to understand and handle the challenges and opportunities that arise from the new wave of automation.

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Futurist Axel Olesen has passed away

It is with deep regret that we inform you that our colleague and CIFS’s former director Axel Olesen has passed away. Axel was 52 years old and died after a short illness.

Axel Olesen started at CIFS in 1989, was head of research from 1995 to 2004, and then CEO from 2004 to 2011. From 2011 to 2016, Axel worked as associated partner. Axel will be remembered as a colleague and CEO who lived for futures studies, had time and energy for everyone, and contributed to developing methods and ideas – all of it while puffing his pipe and with great humour and humility. Axel will be missed by all who are or have been working with or for CIFS. We honour his memory.

Present and past colleagues at CIFS.

ISS 2020 Vision: Future of Service Management

CIFS is proud to launch the 5th and final white book in the ISS 2020 Vision series: The future of Service Management. Together with ISS A/S, IFMA and CoreNet Global plus 12 subject matter experts, we have created a unique piece of research which provide insights into where Service Management is heading in the future. A must read for anybody involved in Service...

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Life in the Anthropocene – SCENARIO 05:2016

In this issue's main article, we explore the Anthropocene, one of the most hotly debated concepts of our time. It signifies a new man-made geological age, which more and more scientists now agree we are living in. We interviewed author Roy Scranton, who is among the most significant voices in the debate about mankind’s future in the Anthropocene. Other articles and topics in this issue include: Lost in Big Data? / A Conversation with Judy Wajcman / Wildcard: Supercurrency / Marijuana Rush: The New Wild Frontier / Planned Obsolescence / Hacktivism and Slacktivism / Photo Series: 5 Hours Later / News on Technology and Science / Futures Past: The Binishell Dome Home / Blogs / Books / Podcast / Tech / Trends, ideas, vision and more...

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Data & Genomics – Realising the Nordic "Data Goldmine"

On October 4th, CIFS invites you to a conference where we explore the genetic paradigm and its opportunities within health. The conference "Data & Genomics: Realising the Nordic 'Data Gold Mine" is being held as part of the Week of Health & Innovation (www.whinn.dk) in Odense, and examines the potential inherent in the enormous amounts of social and health data of the Nordic countries – a gold mine for research, development, and business. We do not see these data being used enough. Senior experts and other key stakeholders will gather together to address questions such as: what are the challenges and barriers that restrict the use of data with regard to personal and public health?

Read more and register for the event

The Rise and Fall of Future Culture – SCENARIO 04:2016

Many no longer see the future as something we shape positively through choices and insights, but rather as something threatening approaching us. Is this change in our perception of the future a temporary aberration from the norm or are we witnessing a more profound change in Western culture? Other topics and articles include: Slow Tea Moving Fast / The Age of Symbiosis / Fighting Crime Before It Happens / Nature and Technology – A False Dichotomy / News on Technology and Science / Empowerment in the Fourth Industrial Revolution / Wildcard: Corporate Intervention / Photo Series: Sleeping Boys by Ada Bligaard Søby / Futures Past: Return of ’The Isolator’ / Sociotech / Blogs / Books / Podcasts / Tech / Trends, ideas, visions and more...

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Global Scanning Review – 03:2016

In this issue we look at retail secrets, the skill box, food pharmacists, the church of virtual reality, emoji commerce, crowdsourcing democracy, natural learning, uber police, swarm intelligence, hyper-accountability, digital work marketplaces, memory manipulation, and much more.

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Individual Resilience – Survival Guide for the 21st Century

CIFS examines the skills humans will need to survive in a more demanding, globalised world that is characterised by high levels of technological interdependence and individualised, urban living. As social structures continue to be rebuilt throughout the 21st century, what competencies will be needed at the individual level in the future, in order to perform at work and succeed in life?

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Resilience at Roskilde Festival 2016

Come backstage, get inspiration, the latest knowledge and a unique learning experience with Roskilde Festival, Novozymes and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Friday, July 1st at 9:00 to 17:00 at Roskilde Festival, you (and your colleagues) get unique insights into the resilient and dynamic Roskilde Festival.

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Why So Serious? – SCENARIO 03:2016

Several large-scale trends are shaping the future of languages and communication: Globalisation is pushing ‘Globish’ towards becoming history’s first global language, new technology makes real-time translation and robot journalism possible, and visual communication is making a comeback in the form of the emoji.

Other topics and articles include: What Will Human Beings Do in the Future? / A Quick Catfix / Diagnosis Culture: YES PLEASE or NO THANKS / Humane Computations / Future... Leaders / This is an Eggplant / EU Towards 2030 / Photo Series: Russian Dolls by Ekaterina Juskowski / Futures Past: The RCA Whirlpool Miracle Kitchen / Blogs / Books / Podcasts / Scenarios / Tech / Trends, Ideas, Visions, and more...

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Global Scanning Review – 02:2016

In this issue we look at cool mapping, gaming the city, skyfarms, employer banks, university 2.0, digital empires, new collective intelligence, anti-sales, interactive billboards, the future market, 72 seasons, the social ego, art gyms, virtual hugs, and much more.

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Radar, Shield, and Sword

In the face of natural disaster and economic turmoil RESILIENCE is moving up on the agenda of organizations and communities – and ultimately it matters to all of us: how do we as individuals cope with unexpected impacts in an increasingly uncertain reality?

Read about how to be resilient in the 21st century.

How to be Resilient in the 21st Century – The Radar, The Shield and The Sword

Resilience helps organizations and communities adapt before change occurs. This report builds awareness and understanding of resilience as a means for reducing long-term costs and creating opportunities. We provide insight into how organizations and communities can apply resilience with three tools called: “the radar, the shield and the sword”.


Read How to be Resilient in the 21st Century – The Radar, The Shield, and the Sword (requires login)

Love – SCENARIO 02:2016

Women’s liberation, the educational gap between the genders, and online dating come together in these years to create a disruptive change in the conditions for love. In this issue, we take a closer look at the future of heterosexual love life, dating, and family formation.

Other topics and articles include: Locavorism: Picked Apart / Your Children's Jobs Have Yet To Be Invented / A Market for Pollution / Future... Dating / Return of the Car / Filter Bubbles / Mental Doping: YES PLEASE or NO THANKS / EU Towards 2030 / Futures Past: The Year of the Smoke-Free Cigarette / Photo Series: Philosophy in the Bedroom by Sofie Amalie Klougart / Blogs / Books / Scenarios / Tech / Trends, ideas, visions, and more...

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Global Scanning Review – 01:2016

In this issue we look at peak content, ocean business, universal service platforms, the death of digits, threat scores, the social supermarket, collective micro-entrepreneurs, sleep inequality, nascent objects, economics of happiness, immersive journalism, and much more.

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The Overlooked Consumers

In a time of tectonic demographic shifts, increasing polarisation and rapid acceleration, we witness changing consumer markets and consumer behaviours. We explore several different social trends and share insights on how such developments are leading to the emergence and continued development of underestimated and even seemingly forgotten consumer segments. By focusing in on more ignored segment groups we are opening up the field and mapping other global consumer opportunities for companies to address and pay attention to in order to better navigate the complex world of the future.

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Future of Europe

For many centuries, Europe was the dominant continent in the world, economically, culturally and politically. However, Europe currently faces a number of challenges with long shadows. These include the repercussions of the financial crisis, but also great demographic changes, and a growing number of refugees and migrants. This members’ report examines 5 central and comprehensive themes that will characterise Europe towards 2030 and present a vision of what Europe could look like in the future.

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Global Scanning Review – 06:2015

In this issue we look at reality editors, promise trackers, maps from the mind, time and talent swapping, industry convergence, para-professionals, smart mirrors, niche membership retailing, passive buying, ethno-parenting, mood meals, forest baths, molecule scanners, and much more.

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Total Control – SCENARIO 01:2016

By 2020, the amount of devices connected to the web will have increased exponentially, perhaps reaching a total of as many as 50 billion objects online. In this issue's main article, we explore how the Internet of Things can be both a force for good governance and transparency and a tool for unprecedented social control.

Other topics and articles include: If You Want to Make Money Tomorrow, You Should Read Heidegger Today / The Genetic Revolution of the Future / The Internet of Animals / Wildcard: Life beyond Earth / Photo series: Tokyo Suits You by Tobias Selnaes Markussen / Futures Past: Chlorella and the End to World Hunger / Fully Automated Retail - YES or NO? / Ideas, visions, trends and more...

Read SCENARIO 01:2016 (requires login)

ISS 2020 Vision: Future of Outsourcing and Perspectives for Facility Management

In close collaboration with CIFS, ISS has released their newest white book as part of the ISS 2020 Vision series. ISS 2020 Vision: The Future of Outsourcing and Perspectives for Facility Management is the fourth book in the series and provides tangible solutions to the changing outsourcing environment in the future. The white book presents the results based on a global survey conducted in collaboration with CoreNet Global combined with a number of in-depth interviews with international outsourcing experts.

Read ISS 2020 Vision

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