Futures Seminar #5: Work in the Metaverse
May 24, 2022, 16:00 - 17:00 (CEST)
Join us when we present futures scenarios on the Metaverse and how it may impact our lives and the way we work. At the fifth installment of our Futures Seminars, we will dive into a central theme of the new FARSIGHT publication - future aspects of work in the Metaverse. During the webinar you will hear from two experts that are currently working on solutions towards the Metaverse on immersive technologies, new workflows, x-to-earn and the web3 economy.
More, Better & Brighter Futures (Live-online)
A Futures Literacy Inspired Masterclass
This masterclass provides a crucial set of hands-on tools and frameworks that help you become more futures literate – an essential skill for the 21st century as defined by UNESCO. Through interactive engagement and action learning, combined with a balanced blend of theory, exercises and tangible tools, this masterclass will inspire and enhance your uses of the future.
First Issue of FARSIGHT Out Now
Entering the New Age of Work
The opening issue of FARSIGHT explores how work will be done in a future that is more fluid, hybrid and digital than today. The questions examined include how artificial intelligence and robots will change work and labour markets, and who the winners and losers will be in the globalised and platform-based digital economy. We ask if the open-plan office heading to the grave, if the ‘end of burnout’ is in sight, and whether we might be working in virtual worlds by 2050.

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