Applied Strategic Foresight
Feb. 13-17, 2023
Learn how to bring futures thinking into strategy. We upskill our course participants with a structured process for understanding dynamics of change, planning for alternative scenarios, and transitioning from applied strategic foresight and futures studies to strategy. This course takes place online.
Organisational Training
Tailor-made training programmes
We offer tailor-made training programmes that give your team or organisation the opportunity to work closely together to explore the future and learn how to apply strategic foresight. This better enables your organisation to transform valuable foresight into actionable insight!
The Future of Health Masterclass
Apr. 20-21, 2023
What will healthcare look like in 2035? This masterclass takes you on a journey to explore opportunities, challenges, and facilitators along the way. It is designed to critically challenge your mindset through megatrends and futures methodology for prioritising initiatives for healthier futures.
Download Report: 38 HR Trends for the Future
Unlock the future of people and organisations
HR is finally being handed the torch and given a golden opportunity to step up and take charge of transforming and futureproofing organisations, work-practices, leadership- and workplace models, and our resulting company culture. To boldly create a ‘visionary winning strategy’ to drive and motivate profound organisational change.

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For individuals
Futures Membership
4 annual issues of FARSIGHT (print & digital).
Archival access to all previous reports and magazines.
10% discount on all our online and on-site courses.
4 annual Futures Seminars with external guests exclusively for members and partners. with more to come...
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For organisations
Futures Partnership
We identify and monitor key trends and uncertainties relevant for your organisation.​
We help you identify where strategic foresight can make the biggest difference in your organisation and where solutions can be implemented to close gaps.
Broaden your mind about future possibilities and stay updated on current trends and developments with access to all our Futures seminars and publications.
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