We help people and organisations imagine, work with, and shape their future.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is an independent, non-profit think tank established in 1969. By building the capabilities necessary to address potential futures we help create a society fit to meet the challenges and grasp the opportunities we face.

We do this by applying our unique approach to futures studies and foresight, combined with more than 50 years of global experience and contributions to the field, working with organisations across the public, private, academic, and civic sectors, as well as with the general public.

Our vision is a futures literate world where everyone has the right and mandate to engage with the future, participate, and visualise change, so they can create the best possible future for themselves, society, and the planet.


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For people
Futures Membership
4 annual issues of FARSIGHT publication (print & digital).
Instant digital access to over 150 reports, magazines and publications.
10% discount on all our online and on-site courses.
Support our work and help shape a better future
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For organisations
Futures Partnership
We identify and monitor key trends and uncertainties relevant for your organisation.​
We help you identify where strategic foresight can make the biggest difference in your organisation and where solutions can be implemented to close gaps.
Broaden your mind about future possibilities and stay updated on current trends and developments with access to all our Futures seminars and publications.
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Get the tools to apply futures studies and foresight methodologies to your specific societal and business challenges.