Futures for the Living World - Towards a New Natural State
Aug 31, 2022, 16:00 - 17:00 (CEST)
The future of humanity is intimately entangled with and dependent on the prosperity and health of Earth’s ecosystems – for better and worse. The upcoming Futures Seminar explores this connection and examines the risks we take if we do not shift course from exploitation to regeneration. We investigate the new frontiers of biomimetics and the potential for innovation found in nature, ecological forecasting, and a future where nature has rights comparable to those of humans.
More, Better & Brighter Futures (Live-online)
A Futures Literacy Inspired Masterclass
This masterclass provides a crucial set of hands-on tools and frameworks that help you become more futures literate – an essential skill for the 21st century as defined by UNESCO. Through interactive engagement and action learning, combined with a balanced blend of theory, exercises and tangible tools, this masterclass will inspire and enhance your uses of the future.
What is the Metaverse? and what will it mean to the future of work?
Download our new whitepaper and dive into the future of the Metaverse.
We explore four scenarios for the immersive Metaverse in our new whitepaper. With it we hope to challenge and inspire ideas and perspectives on the future of the Metaverse as well as to help you get a better and deeper understanding of the critical uncertainties shaping it. Sign up to our newsletter and download it for free.

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